When WalL-E Met A Kid


As a kid, all of us have wished to see the fictional on-screen world turn into reality.

Image Credit: Unsplash

That is exactly what happened in a recent video from San Diego Comic-Con.

Image: Instagram/Comic_con

The video shows the robot from the film Wall-E talking to a little child.

Image: Instagram/cocoa1sparkle

The boy giggles when he hears the adorable little robot introduce itself as "Wall-E".

Video: Instagram/cocoa1sparkle

Several bystanders captured the adorable scene with their cameras or phones.

Video Credit: Instagram

The robot looks straight out of the animated film as it moves its big eyes.

Image: Instagram/mattsdroids

The Pixar robot was assembled by a robot artist, Matt Hobbs.

Image: Instagram/mattsdroids

The artist on his Instagram account has shared glimpses of Wall-E in the making.

Image: Instagram/mattsdroids

Interestingly, he has also made other robots inspired by fictional characters.

Video: Instagram/mattsdroids

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Image: Instagram/cocoa1sparkle