Ranbir's Reply To "Shaadi Kab Hai?"

When is the wedding, Ranbir and Alia?


We're not the ones asking. This is what a fan asked the couple during Brahmastra motion poster launch 

Ranbir Kapoor dodged the question expertly...

"Haven't we seen a lot of people getting married in the last one year? I think we should be happy with that," he said

He then turned to Alia and asked "Humari kab hogi? (When are we getting married?)"

"Why are you asking me?" the actress replied, blushing

'I'm asking Ayan,' Ranbir clarified, tongue firmly in cheek

No surprises there! It's not the first time that Ranbir and Ayan's bromance has stolen the spotlight


In fact, "Ayan is the only constant in Ranbir's life" has become sort of a joke on social media


Want more proof? During the Brahmastra event, Alia too had a question for Ranbir...

"What does 'A' mean to you?" she asked Ranbir

"A means Amitabh Bachchan," said Ranbir, causing Alia to gasp

He quickly corrected himself. "In all seriousness..." said Ranbir...

"'A' means Ayan Mukerji."

Hilarious! Thank you for keeping us amused, Alia and Ranbir


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