"Mosquito Skeleton" And More Funny Mistakes

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Delegates attending the Musculoskeletal Conference were recently greeted with a funny sign


0/10 for spellings, but 10/10 for effort

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This isn't the only unintentionally-hilarious sign that has left the Internet in splits

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Here's another one that shows why spellings are important

And another


Speaking of spelling errors, who can forget the time Cathay Pacific misspelled its own name on an airplane

Or the time a bride ordered a cake which was supposed to say "Wiser Wedding"

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But "Why's there a wedding?" is what she received instead

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Meanwhile, viewers watching the song 'Behne De' with English subtitles...


Were amused to read the literal translation: Give me your sisters

Another case of lost in translation? When "walnut finish" became "walnut khatam" (or walnut end)


But don't walk away before you read this mistranslated gem 


Which of these mistakes made you giggle?

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