A roundup

Met Gala Memes


It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian's head-to-toe black outfit at Met Gala 2021 became the talk of the town

Image Credit: AFP

It was a look that launched a thousand memes


And some hilarious comparisons

"How to unsee?" one Twitter user asked

Image Credit: Unsplash

Even pizza chain Domino's joined the fun


Kim K's pic with sister Kendall Jenner was a study in totally different styles

Image Credit: Getty

Memes, of course, were only to be expected 


Swiggy hopped onto the trending meme train too

But it wasn't just Kim Kardashian whose outfit captivated social media

Image Credit: AFP

At the opposite end of the spectrum was ASAP Rocky in his multicoloured quilt

"Every masterpiece has its own copy," Zomato quipped while sharing his pic with Rihanna

Even Anna Wintour wasn't spared

Meanwhile, rapper Lil Nas X wore not one, not two, but three outfits to the Met Gala...

Image Credit: AFP

Pulling a Lady Gaga stunt on the red carpet

C-3PO vibes? The Internet thought so

So which of these Met Gala memes is your favourite?


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Image Credit: AFP